Poems in Black Heart Magazine By Righteous Teacher

Dear Readers,

As we celebrate Poetry Month, Check out 2 of poems published by Black Heart Magazine earlier this year by Poet Righteous Teacher

The two pieces are entitled Perform My Blackness: Open Letter to Africana Studies and Black Studies Majors and America is Me America is NOT Me.  Both poems are selected works in the collection America is Me America is NOT ME  from poet Righteous Teacher.

Peace & Love,

Righteous Teacher

“Almost always the creative dedicated minority has made the world better”- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Oxymoron (Album Review)

Oxymoron (Album Review)

SchoolBoy Q released his 3rd album in February entitled Oxymoron. So far the reviews are mixed. I find myself loving it own day and hating it the next. The album is gritty, and offers metaphors and wordplay fitting from “that inner city lifestyle.” Schoolboy Q gives us an array of punchlines and melodies that falls flat at times. Maybe its because i was expecting more. Either way, I give it a solid 3 with room to grow. We take a quick look at the good, the bad (+,-) and my favorite track off the album……

+ Man of The Year

Great mix of lyrics and metaphors that make you think over a jumping hook. “Home of the paid on the first/then ni$$a going broke by the third,” perfect depiction.

-His and Her Friend
Song just isnt for me. A little too hypnotic. Puts you in a trance, but not a good one.

**Favorite Track***

Studio ft BJ The Chicago Kid

Find myself putting this track on repeat. Killer Hook while SchoolBoy Q does something unexpected. This is a Low-key gem on the album that might go overlooked through the hardcore feel.


What is your favorite track on Oxymoron? Let us know your thoughts…

Seasonal Love

Seasonal Love

Its been months since
You March-ed on
And I played the April fool.
May the calendar
Bottle days into segments
Instead of Fractions
of weeks and
Weekends that weakens
Ones heart until June.
I catch an Aww-gust (August)
past miss July as
My heart searches
for its independence day
and to fall in love (again)
before you–leave
like Autumn.
We were on a recess.
On a————break
but our hearts
went back to school
in September.
Exchanged brief lessons
in love until it was expelled
emotions suspended.
In October:
the thought scared me
since you were no longer
my boo.You were ghost
gone for the season.
Gone for no reason now
Im hanging off these why-cliffs (Whyclefs)
cuz you were gone till November
Gone till November after
settling on my Plymouth
rock of a heart, with
no thanks to give.
I remember
My heart froze
In December
From the coldest winter
You were the snowstorm
The blizzard, the dangerous
Ic i c le–That dangled.
I missed you
in January. Old
feelings snowballed.
I wanted to shovel
my way back to my
snow angel.
In February
You told my black ass
We had history.
So we Marched on
-Righteous Teacher

February Monthly Blog Update

Dear Readers,

I would like to thank you all for following the blog wordsbyjcharmz. Over the next couple weeks you are going to see some changes to the structure. The blog will have updates coming 3 days a week on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. I will also be releasing a monthly update that talks about the changes.

On Sunday Shortcakes and Wait for It Wednesdays look out for new poems ,video performances and workshop reflections from poet and teaching artist Righteous Teacher. On Mad Mondays guest columnist  MK will give out an album review or thoughts about relevant issues taking place in the  Hip-Hop community.

As always,

Enjoy the thoughts and creativity

Righteous Teacher

“There is nothing WRONG with America that cannot be cured by what is RIGHT with America ”

-Bill Clinton



Albums Of The Year

  1. Eminem- Marshall Mathers LP 2Image….If you like rap, I mean the technical aspect of rhyming words, punch lines, stretching words, internal rhyme schemes etc. then it’d be hard not to like this album. The only downside to this album is some of the references at times come off as dated but that is far outweighed by the quality of the songs. “Headlights” is easily one of the best songs Eminem has ever written. “Asshole” is classic Slim Shady. “Evil Twin” is Em rhyming at his best. He even makes Rihanna tolerable on “Monster” which is a nice introspective look back at the peak of his fame while sneaking in a sequel to “Stan” with “Bad Guy”. The collab with Kendrick Lamaar “Love Game” is ridiculous in the best way possible.
  2. Childish Gambino Because The InternetImage…One of East Atlanta’s finest…no seriously the same part of Atlanta that produced Gucci Mane also produced Childish Gambino.  This is a great album. There’s few flaws in it outside of the fact that when listening to certain songs in certain orders it begins to sound like he just wrote one long ass love letter to Jhene Aiko , which I wouldn’t really fault him for either. All jokes aside this album does read like an open letter but more so into the mind of someone who is simply unsure about what the future holds and where exactly he’s going. It’s a very personal album. Songs like “3005” and “Pink Toes” ft. Jhene Aiko may seem like simple love songs on their surface but listening to the actual lyrics tells you different and lets you in to a side some rappers don’t show in their music.   “Telegraph Ave (Oakland by Lloyd)”, “Sweatpants”, “Earth’s Oldest Computer”, and “Life Is The Biggest Troll” all carry through on that same theme as well. So long as Childish Gambino maintains this type of honesty in his music he’ll keep making great albums like this
  3. Drake-Nothing Was The SameImage….Could Drake do it again a third time? Could he actually make three good albums back to back to back? Well looks like he did. There seems to be three opinions on Drake that have evolved over the course of his career so far. He’s soft and everything wrong with rap today. He’s good just leave the singing/crying on songs alone. He’s the best rapper out right now hands down. Out of those three I tend to fall right in line with the second one. I like Drake. He can rap and his singing has improved over the years to where it’s now tolerable for a song so long as he stays within his vocal range but there are times when I hear certain lines and I just shake my head at how they sound. This album those lines are few and far in between. Drake finally seems comfortable, well being Drake. One of the best things about Drake, and the thing that annoys some people, is how easily he can switch from doing a song like “Started From The Bottom” or “Worst Behavior” to “Come Thru” or “From Time” and they all seems to fit him.

4. Bun B Trill OG: The Epilogue Image….The best of the Trill series Bun B has been putting out over the years. Bun B is back in top form on this one showing that age is no reason to slack on your ability to write your best stuff. Bun B sounds right where he should be at this point in his career which is rapping to remind people why he’s considered a living legend. “Cake” ft. Pimp C, Big K.R.I.T. is a classic Pimp C style record ad it’s nice to see Bun still has some verses in the stash from Pimp C. “On One” ft. Devin The Dude and Gator Main” is probably one of my individual favorite songs of the year.  “Legendary DJ Screw” ft. the S.U.C. is another song that no doubt will be considered a classic southern record years from now. Redman even pops up with a crazy verse on “Stop Playin” which is almost always ensures a great song.

5. Pusha T My Name Is My NameImage…Finally after a long wait and a couple years of build up this album finally came and it delivered in a big way. Pusha T’s first solo album. I was one of many who wanted to see exactly what he’d manage to talk about for a full album and just how many songs would be bogged down by old coke references and him reliving his childhood wrestling matches with his brother shouting Rick Flair’s “Whooo”.  The only real bad thing I can say about this album is that it has far too many features for a 12 song “solo” album but I’m willing to give Pusha T a slight pass being that it’s his first attempt at it after years of basically only making music with his brother. Pusha’s pen game has never been in question, more so what he constantly chose to talk about. This album however the kingpin fantasies are kept to a minimum in place of Pusha rapping about things that actually let you know who he is. He’s more than the coke raps, more than Malice’s little brother and songs like “Hold On” ft Rick Ross, “Nostelgia” ft. Kendrick Lamaar, “40 Acres” ft.  The Dream and “S.N.I.T.C.H” ft. Pharrell all showcase this very well. IfPusha can keep this up and minimize the guest appearance next time around he’ll have everything down pact.